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Look yourself in the eye in the mirror and say

Look yourself in the eye in the mirror and say

"You're an inspiration to me! I love your  " (This could be your eyes, strength, warm heart, resilience, whatever you admire.)

"You're a beautiful person, there's nobody on this planet with your unique thoughts and combination of talents!" (And that's true!)

"Other people's opinions of me, good or bad, don't affect what I believe about myself. I believe I am a wonderful work in progress with great potential!" (Remember the saying, "A wise person is moved neither by compliments nor criticism".)

"I am beneath no one" (Nor is anyone below you; we are all on different paths, and at different stages of development, but every life matters.)

"I am fearless in the face of all challenges" (Remember that life is like a wheel - sometimes we're up, sometimes we're down, but the downs are just lessons, and everything has its end. Til it begins again.)

Recognize when you are going into a negative thought pattern, and stop yourself. Choose to be supportive of yourself. Replace your negative thoughts and feelings with these positive, empowering thoughts, in the mirror and throughout the day, and watch your life automatically change before your eyes. This is how you set your inner divine self free, and allow her to be as powerful and effective as she deserves to be - every woman is a divine being. You just have to believe in You, and set yourself free!

Hugs Escort Girls xx

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Express to yourself the same kindness and courtesy that you'd show to others. What makes you think it is ok to treat yourself negatively? That's somebody's mother/ sister/ daughter you're talking to in the mirror! ;)   Learn to be your own best friend, to have yourself on your side. And nothing in the world will phase you ever again. There will be nothing you can't achieve.

Like any building process, it'll take time. but it's worth it. Keep building. A building is erected one brick at a time. A bodybuilder's body is build one workout at a time. Weight loss, same deal; one workout/ meal at a time. A baby grows one day at a time. And your self-love and self acceptance will grow one mirror-talk at a time too. :) One decision at a time, one day at a time, until eventually you will feel the solid foundation under your feet of self-support. It's a beautiful thing.

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