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Elite and VIP Escort Service

Elite and VIP Escort Service 

Since our establishment in 1996, our ultra-elite social Escort Ladies has set the standards across the globe in companion introductions to escort sophisticated gentlemen to events, dinners and on vacation.

Once known only by word of mouth among the affluent and successful, Escort Girls's new website and promotional endeavors have made it possible for a selected few others to discover her secrets.

We pride ourselves on our concentrated ardor for excellence in all that we do. We're confident that your experience with our company will be all you imagine. Please contact us to discuss your needs. To read more about the company concepts, please visit our 'introduction', and 'reputation' pages.

Regardless of your requirements, be it casual dinner dates, weekend connections, or elite travel dates, Escort Girls Models*  has your ideal date for all occasions.

News On Exclusive Dinner Dates

To discover what is happening in the exciting world of our top model Escort Ladies, browse our latest news and e-Magazine. Updates, photos, information and much more! Or sign up to receive our occasional updates:

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