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Gigolo Escort Male

TOP List of the Sexiest Gigolo Escort İstanbul Escort RentBoys Escort Male Escorts Turkey.

Gigolo Escort

Welcome to The Best Gigolo Escort İstanbul The most attractive and stylish male escort İstanbul, VipEscortBook.Net 

These male escorts are available for ladies and couples. All escorts are available worldwide. The most attractive and stylish high class straight male escorts, discrete and reliable, easy to book! To open the profile just click on the picture. In the profile you’ll find all personal information, rates and reviews. Of course all pictures and reviews are guaranteed authentic.

High Class Male Escorts

The Men’s Company focuses on the needs of ladies and couples from across Europe offering the most attractive and stylish high class straight male escorts and gigolos for a world of opportunities. Read further about the possibilities when hiring a High Class Gigolo or male escort. We offer you the most stylish and attractive male escorts you could wish for. For almost any occasion… and obviously sex and romance are part of it too! With our exclusive male companions your wishes come true.

Find out more about gigolos and callboys.

At our agency you may expect the highest standards in escort. Professional, reliable, fast, anonymously and discrete. Read more about us and our male escorts.
About Gigolo
The Men’s Company (Gigolo) was founded 2009 and since then has evolved to the nr 1 High Class Gigolo Agency for Europe. The Men’s Company is a fully licensed professional Male Escort Service and led by an international team of both experienced men and women.
Our mission
Our mission is to provide the best executive straight male escort service for women and couples worldwide, in a 100% professional and discrete way.
A gigolo date is about senses and emotions. Small details are of great importance. Our gigolos and escorts are therefore selected very carefully out of thousands of applications per year. We want our clients to feel comfortable and at ease at any time. That means our clients should experience their date in a natural way. Therefore we strongly believe our male and female escorts should really love and enjoy their job! Genuine and professional escort companions, no fake or old pictures, and no drivers at the door. If wanted we book your hotel room on our name and without extra charges for you.

Your privacy
Your privacy is very important to you, as it is to us and to our gigolo’s and male escorts. We are fully aware of that. Your privacy is absolutely safe with us and 100% guaranteed. You don’t need to use your own name, a first name or pseudonym is sufficient. It’s your choice if, when and how we may contact you back.
Besides our direct communication your data will never be used anywhere or any time again. It goes without saying that under no circumstances your data will be used for third parties.

Male Escort possibilities
Male Escort possibilities are extensive. If wanted we are more than happy to advice you about all possibilities and about the best choice of your companion, as we know all of our escorts personally. The Men’s Company also provides customized service like international and intercontinental bookings, hotel and event reservations, tickets, nightlife tour guiding in the Red Light District of Amsterdam, visits of the world’s most famous erotic clubs like the Fun4two in Holland, The Hague, Rotterdam, İstanbul, Munich, Berlin, Hamburg, Düsseldorf, Frankfurt, Brussels, Antwerp, Madrid, Zürich, Paris, Venice and Ibiza.
Gigolo rates and payment
Gigolo rates may vary. Each male escort has its own rates, shown on their profiles. All rates are always tax included and all in. This means there will never be any unexpected extras. Just traveling expenses, tickets et cetera will be charged extra.
Our High Class Escort Service is specialized in bookings by couples. We offer couples the services of experienced, reliable and respectful male escorts. For our gigolo’s and callboys there is no surcharge for couples or threesomes.
The Men’s Company is a professional Escort Agency and distinguishes in quality and guarantees. You and we both appreciate to be sure a booking will actually take place, that’s why we always require a deposit (prepayment) of a part of the total fee. The rest of the fee can be paid in cash to the gigolo of your choice.

Terms and conditions
After paying your deposit we will confirm your booking instantly. Our terms and conditions are extensive, to protect both your interests and the interests of our companions. If you want more information about our our terms and conditions, or a translation, please let us know.
During and after your date
Everything is settled before your date. During your date you can completely relax and surrender to your personal desires. There will only be time for romance and excitement!
The gigolo and escort woman of your choice and our Escort Agency value good relationships with you. The Men’s Company has an excellent reputation. We are proud of nearly 100% satisfaction of our clients, and we highly appreciate your feedback and evaluation after your date.

Become a gigolo

The Men’s Company is the number one Gigolo Agency for the Turkey, the United Kingdom, the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany and worldwide. We offer escort services on the highest level. That means recruitment of escorts is extremely important for us and we spend lots of time on this matter. Our High Class Escort Agency receive several thousands of applications each year from all parts of Europe and the world of men who want to become a gigolo.

Requirements for our companions

If you are interested in becoming a gigolo or High Class Companion at our Escort Service you should be aware that the requirements for our companions are extensive. Of course you should be attractive and looking good, but also have an excellent conversation and a proper education. Your age is between 25 and 55. Most of all, high class male escorts should perfectly understand women and how to attract them.
The Men’s Company offers a great job as a free lance male escort. Absolute discretion is guaranteed. We acquire and arrange your bookings and your trips to clients, and you are always free to accept or refuse the booking.

Training for gigolos

Training for gigolos is quite useless, as you have the abilities to be a high class male escort or you don’t, it’s that simple. But if you are really qualified we are motivated to get your performance on the highest possible level. For this reason we offer free personal coaching where needed during your practice as a male escort at our agency.

Applications for High Class Male Escort

If you want to apply please don’t call us but first read more about the gigolo job.

What are the possibilities?

Together, we can draw up an endless list of possibilities for which you could use a nice, attractive and stylish gigolo or escort woman..

The most popular are

weekend away, sex date at your home or in a hotel, exciting, naughty date in a restaurant or pub, sensual massage, sauna visit, strip tease, dinner date, business meeting, business trip, theatre or concert, big party or gala, personal guide for an erotic nightlife tour, dance party, visit to a swingers club, private party, day trip, premiere of a film or entertainment show, fashion show, shopping day, personal security, private driver, personal assistant, etc.

No surcharge for threesomes with a couple

The Men’s Company is aware of the fact that lots of couples come to a point where they consider to hire an escort man once for a threesome. For these couples it is not that easy to find a nice, goodlooking, trustworthy and respectful man who will leave when he is asked to. Our High Class Escort Service is specialized in bookings by couples. We offer couples the services of experienced, reliable and respectful male escorts. You can be sure he will understand his role and leave you both behind with great joint memories. We know our escorts very well and we are more than happy to recommend someone!

For our gigolo’s and callboys there is no surcharge for threesomes.
Our Escort Agency is one of the few to offer you both male and female professional escorts. If you are interested in a male and female escort together, you are more than welcome and select each of your preferred escorts.

We can offer you more straight male escorts
Not all of our high class straight male escorts are shown on our website because of privacy reasons. Just let us know what type of gigolo or companion you prefer, and we instantly will recommend a male escort, including pictures. We can send you their pictures by E-mail or Whatsapp or text message SMS.

Visit an erotic Club for the first time
Many men, women and couples are reluctant to visit an Erotic Club for the first time. Wether you prefer a Swinger Lifestyle Club Fun4two in Holland, or a classy nightclub with erotic shows, The Men’s Company offers experienced, reliable and charming escort men and escort women to accompany you in a discrete way to one of the famous clubs in İstanbul, Berlin, Amsterdam, Munich, Antwerp, or elsewhere. All on your terms and conditions, in a safe and comfortable way. You will make a great first impression! Our rates for accompany you to an Erotic Club are different from our standard rates. Just ask us, we will be more than happy to inform you.
Ask us for more pics!
We have extra pictures of most escorts available. Are you interested in someone? We are happy to send you the extra pictures without obligation! Through E-mail, WhatsApp, or text message SMS.
Textmessage or Whatsapp to the escort of your choice!
Maybe you would like to ask the Escort of your choice some questions before booking, or you want to find out if he or she is the right companion for you? That’s possible, just send a personal textmessage or Whatsapp and ask whatever you want. We will make sure that you will receive a personal answer from the Escort of you choice, through our agency! No costs, no obligations.

Dinner date or high tea date
We will be happy to inform you about the costs of a dinner date or high tea date!

Obviously, it is your choice to decide where you want to meet your Gigolo or companion. Our escorts are only available for outcall, every location is possible, like your home or in a hotel. If you want we can give you some hotel suggestions. And we also can book and pay for the room in the hotel of your choice. In that case our Escort will do the check in and check out for you, so there will be 100% discretion for you.

If you would like to make a trip abroad with a male companion we can advice you and make all the arrangements. E.g. a fabulous romantic weekend in Rome? We know where to go and where to stay, and offer you in cooporation with a travel agency a full program with flight and hotel in a typical roman atmosphere. Just ask us for more information!

Our male and female escorts will dress to suit your needs as much as possible. The clothing of our gigolo’s and escorts can vary from cool to classic, from casual to macho, etcetera.
A different role
Sometimes, it is desirable that your male companion serves a particular role. He could be your colleague, a business partner, a neighbour, or your friend or spouse. Our men are disciplined professionals and behave within the role that you have agreed with us.

Obviously, you need to let us know in advance. We will ask you to give us detailed information about the desired role of your gigolo or escort lady. Together we will go through the “what ifs” to make sure you and your female or male companion will be well prepared.

A private role-play is possible also. If wanted an exact scenario will be made for you.

See the profiles of our male gigolos and escort women
Book your gigolo here
Become a Male Escort

Are you interested in becoming a male escort? The Men’s Company is always interested in recruiting new escorts and we spend lots of time on this matter. The requirements for our companions and male escorts are extensive. If you are interested please first read more about becoming a male escort and how to apply!

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